Medicine Woman 2019

200 hour Holistic Womb Health Practitioner Training

2019 Training Date Begins Thursday Jan. 10, 2019 

Join us for our 2019 Rebirth of Womanhood (The ROW) Medicine Woman womb health practitioner training session at Its Time For Healing Sanctuary. The training will take place over six months with classes being held every Wednesday and one weekend a month at B Street SE Washington, DC 20019  Space is limited. Enroll Today!

It’s Time For Healing

B Street SE, Washington DC 20019  

Video training available for out of state participants only,

however weekend training dates must be in person contingent on distance. 

The cost of the training program is $2050. A $525 non-refundable deposit is required by August 15, 2017.  The remaining balance, paid in installments, $300 will be due on or before the 15th of each month for the months of September, October, November, December, and January. (two $150.00 monthly payments are acceptable) 

Tuition Includes:
Curriculum Manual
Unlimited workshops during practitioner training session
Required textbooks 
Certificate of Completion AADP (American Association of Drugless Practitioner Completion Accreditation  

"Holistic Health Womb Practitioner"

Other recommended reading material not included with tuition

Trainees will learn techniques and theory within the divine feminine community. 
Practical – Students learn skills and techniques that give them the confidence to work with clients
Powerful – The work and teaching goes to the core of our relationship with body, health, spirit and food 
Soulful – Our teachings are grounded in timeless wisdom and traditions
Transformational – The trainings are designed not only to teach you how to heal others but to also help your own growth and healing

Primary focus will be on the following:

• Women's Reproductive Health
Anatomy and Physiology of The Womb

Body Alignment 

Physiology/Lifestyle/ Ethics

• Womb Ancestral Imprints and Trauma
    Cultural relativism
Mental Health
Raising the Consciousness of Femininity   

Learn Self-discovery techniques which enable you to move beyond typical mental disturbances and into the bliss of being

•Holistic Life Coaching 
Feminine Health and Wellness Principles
Holistic Health Care 
     Food and western dis-ease 

Essential Oils 101

• Herbal Womb Steam Procedure and Benefits
       Herbal Blending Education 
Safety and Hygiene
       Womb Clearing
    Womb Detox

• Sensual Fluidity with Yoni Egg Crystals

Clear and succinct language to optimize safety and energy flow in the body
    Application of press points and energetic extensions, designed to facilitate the awakening of inner awareness

Moving tantric meditation
Poses, posture, breath, and alignment 
Teaching methodology of grasping, lifting, and shifting the yoni egg

Learn the dynamic system Its Time for Healing sequence while creating your own sequence 

•  Self Care 
Protecting and caring for spiritual energy 

Learn anatomy principles, adjustments and modifications to make the practice accessible for every body 

Use postures not just for exercise, but for self-study and transformation

• Business and Marketing 
Intake and Assessment
Waivers and Liability
Practicum- Student Teaching
Womb Wellness Techniques and more.. 

What Next?  

We interview all participants prior to registration to ensure holistic balance. 

Payment Instructions 

Payments can be done via: 

1. Our online store  

2. Electronic recurring monthly payments 

​3. On the phone by credit card

4. Cash App/ Electronic Fund Transfer (for monthly payments only) 

5. Cash (All cash must be received in accordance with training time parameters


Training Registration Form 

​​ M-Sat 9AM-8PM  Closed Sun.   +1.3015290343