Our workshops, classes and training focus on indigenous village life of healing women. We explore fun, sensual moves, breathe and sacred techniques to strengthen self love and vitality. Mayasa currently teaches monthly  movement workshops at It's Time For Healing Sanctuary


​​​​IT'S TIME FOR HEALING Holistic Sanctuary 

​​ M-Sat 9AM-8PM  Closed Sun.   +1.3015290343

 This amazingly fun sensual part of our services incorporates various styles of belly dance, urban dance, & positive energy. Our workshops, classes, ladies night in turn up's are designed to give participants an in-depth understanding of sisterhood, womb health, posture, positive feminine energy, confidence, weight release and flexibility. We will dance, move sacral energy, empower & release weight together.

We will celebrate self awareness and the power of femininity, motivate each other thru holistic weight management tools..

You can expect a judgment free zone of positive women, gentle belly dance hips to be swaying side to side, music resignation gentleness through each person's interpretation of rhythm, light kemetic yoga warm-up, collective fresh raw squeezed juices after each class, closing sister circle topics on healing, nutrition, weight release, meal prep, stress and holistic lifestyle topics that impact our community & everyday lives.

Mayasa has danced from the womb of her mother and balance of her father influenced with an amazing integrated structure of her loving grandparents.  An African yet native of Hyattsville, Maryland, she began her journey into the world of Belly dance years ago as a member of the "Original MoorHips" Dance Company, the largest African bellydance troupe in the United States.

 In her early years as a bellydance student then instructor at Marcellus Dance Studio, in Forestville Maryland she began to implement an enhanced approach toward this art form; diversified her training to study with such instructors as Tarik Sultan, Oreet, Djenaba Bryant, Lotus, Morocco, Somra El Nubia and Nabeela El Shalimar to name a few including "Sharqui" Instruction "The Bellydance Workout" She's traveled the world teaching her amazing style to this art form, featured in several performance DVD’S including a belly dance instructional DVD titled "Moor Hips". Mayasa currently travels and teach women the natural birthing process utilizing movement and support  for labor and birth. Mayasa teaches a preregistration required bellydance community class 11:00 am Sundays at It's Time For Healing. The class is designed to be fun, liberating, and get women involved in this sacred art form that can have you dripping with sweet sweat while triming your waist.  

When is the last time you changed the dynamics of your Baby Shower, Birthing Way,, Bellydance Workout, Workshop, Bridal Shower or Women's Conference by blending Heart Throbbing, Up Beat, Positive Sensual Movements of Fitness, Fun, Health, Yoni Exercise and Healing? Mayasa teaches an amazing tantric exercise with yoni eggs, coupled with amazing workshops Contact Us for Rates 

Make your next "Ladies Night Out" a fun filled "How To Session" with Bellydancing.  In addition to birth experiences  and events she also host seminars, offer private lessons, technical bellydance, and holistic nutritional workshops. 

I promise she will leave you and your guest excited about being a women, I invite all women, community associations and local businesses to honor a woman or event, memorialize a family member or colleague, recognize her birthday, birth, engagement party (women only), retreat, anniversary, sister circle, senior/community health fair or special event with a unique bellydance tribute. 

Considering having a workshop in your area or for your sister circle? Her hips will travel! Please contact us for more details.