Our Graduates

Tiah Kuniken,

Holistic Consultant

I graduated from Fortis Institute and since 2013, I have found so much joy as a massage therapist.  In 2017, my dedication and drive enabled me to add esthetician to my title after graduating from Cortiva Institute.   My career has evolved into one I would have never imagined as I developed a passion in women's health and received a certification from It’s Time For Healing Holistic Sanctuary as a Holistic Practitioner and womb health. My goal as a wellness advocate is to assist clients to actively participate and take charge of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.  In my spare time, I love to create natural healing products, read and enjoy traveling.

Starlette Marshall, 

I am so excited to open the doors of Embodied Wisdom to the public, and I am even more exited to celebrate and share this experience together with you. 

To book your appointment, please text 202.341.1996 with your booking request

44330 Mercure Cir, Ste. 240-C Herndon, Va 20166 Entrance 3

Embodied Wisdom can be found in the Healing Crystals Suite in Room 240-C.

Please enter the Entrance #3 of 44330 Mercure Circle.

6 month extensive training requirement.

Check back for our current 2019  session of new graduates 

Deneen Thompson started her journey 20 years ago to heal herself of fibroids and fibrocystic breast disease.  Which quickly became the catalyst to transform her life. Yoni steaming, exercise, clean water, diet and meditation where are the tools Deneen used to heal herself from fibroids.  That newfound knowledge and experience has become a vehicle to support women in creating their own change that’s needed or is desired in their bodies, and in their lives.

Deneen is passionate about coaching women and being a support system for each client. Deneen continues to educate herself on natural healing through herbs, food, personal training, massage and yoni egg practices using sacred gemstones. Her ultimate desire is to provide a secure unique environment for women to heal, motivate, empower, increase their confidence and live their best lives.

Carlisa has dedicated herself to Women’s Wellness and their empowerment; however, she also offers services for men and children as well. Carlisa created Essence of Energy, LLC in 2013. Essence of Energy offers an array of energy healing services, products and workshops that can help alleviate physical, emotional, mental and spiritual stress. Carlisa is a certified Holistic Womb Health Practitioner, a Reiki Master and a Holistic Doula.  She also practices Thai Yoga Massage and AromaTouch Technique and specializes in Essential Oils.

​​ M-Sat 9AM-8PM  Closed Sun.   +1.3015290343

​​​​IT'S TIME FOR HEALING Holistic Sanctuary 

My name is Shalonda Waller and I believe that as women we must do a better job with taking care of ourselves and start having real
conversations about our inner peace by way of self- care.  It was through my trying times of masking depression, suicidal thoughts, mood
swings and health issues that the vision for Ida Beez Sozo was birthed. I obtained my Holistic Health Practitioner Certification from
It's Time for Healing Holistic and Fitness Sanctuary.  As women our wombs are our navigation and intuitive guides but are often left
unprotected, and disrespected by friends, family members and polluted by processed foods, medications, misdiagnoses and hyper sexualize

Ida Beez Sozo strives to create an unorthodox healing space and experience that aide women in rediscovering their G-Spot (God Spot)
through Mindful Meditation, Self-care, Awareness and Prayer. Every woman’s journey is different and will be viewed and celebrated through
an individual lens.  Here at Ida Beez Sozo we believe in women refilling their cups of life through the art of self-care in order to
continue serving from their overflow. 

Each Nation, tribe and village had medicine people; whether male or female.  Children who were born with the gift of healing were taken by the medicine person as a young child and taught healing ways. They were taught to recognize the healing plants, trees, roots, berries and wild herbs. They were taught how to make poultices, teas and other healing foods.

Medicine Women were the local psychologists, therapists, physicians and marriage counselors. In some tribes, the Medicine Women were given the responsibility of making the warriors' shields for it was believed that she had special powers that would give those war shields added protection for the owners.

The practicing of medicine ways was a full time job,  the responsibility, well-being and emotional balance of the villagers belonged to the Medicine Woman.

The art of being a Medicine Woman has not been lost. There are more practicing Medicine Women alive today than ever before using the same old natural ways combined with the new technology that has been developed. There are herbalists, naturalists, aroma therapists, massage therapists - those who teach spirituality, awareness, meditation skills - and on.  The Medicine Woman continues to care for her family and loved ones with all the tools available to her so they can walk in balance, and live life in health and harmony. May it ever be so. It's Time For Healing