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Talk about sexy, sensual, amazing and got the moves of a goddess. This woman right here has me taking my level of intimacy to another level. Her gentle, kind, yet tell you like it is personality is divine. She has a sense of humor that leaves everyone smiling and feeling sexy and confident. I like her humility and always, always able to see the beauty in others.  She is a true gift to anyone she works with. 

Lisa M. 

About The Curator of

Afrikan Culture  



From the humble beginnings of her loving grandparents an elder aunties "Mayasa" (MAH-yah-sah) experienced the benefits of natural herbal remedies early in childhood. There is no doubt in her mind that plant leaves, bark, berries, flowers and roots grow here on earth for us to use for our benefit. This philosophy is a driving force that keeps her creating her own natural product line, building a wellness holistic spa and resort in Westmoreland Jamaica, and  acquiring the most up-to-date certifications. Maintaining her Togo, West Afrikan indigenous distinctiveness, inner peace, and fitness is also something that she holds true to herself. 

A vegan health enthusiast who attributes her new mind study to her experiences in Kemet, Northeastern Africa a great part of her awareness to a spiritual awakening.  Mastering a 500RYT Kemetic/Hatha yoga teacher certification in Westmoreland, Jamaica with Yiser Ra Hotep  shortly after returning and spending meditative, healing time off the shores of Darkar, Senegal.  

Mayasa unfolded deeper wisdom, and desire for a peaceful path of enlightening. The alchemy of ecstasy,  sensual celebration, awakening and channeling sexual energy with yoni egg gemstones, and yoni wands is an art Mayasa has been working to master for 20+ years under the tutelage of amazing world recognized Tantric Master Instructors. Studying sexual secrets, sharing information and providing women with physical and mental tools to awaken and control Kundalini power is her passion. Discovering the power of essential oils from beginning to end now a doTerra Independent Essential Oil Consultant.  Unable to get enough, she is also, but not limited to a Certified Thai massage therapist, Certified American Drugless Practitioner, Herbalist, Certified Birth Doula, Kangen Alkaline Water Device Distributor, mother, friend, lover, sister, certified firearms and women's safety instructor, bellydance instructor, Certified Mediator and certified holistic health practitioner, a  graduate of the world's largest nutritional school “Institute of Integrative Nutrition”; Her passion to help brown and black women and girls break through barriers is constantly seen in her commitment to  her two, now adult, daughters, masculine energy in men, clients, local women in shelters, nursing homes, remote villages, schools, community, associations, friends, family and any woman who values their own happiness & health.  She won’t find your passion or healing for you but she’ll definitely provide you with tools, resources and services that help you ask the right questions to build an effective plan for yourself. ​​

Mayasa deep passion for health and healing is collectively shown through her weekly teaching commitment of bellydance that she has been teaching over 18 years. Teaching, volunteering, organizing holistic retreats has her traveling to more than 13 countries ensuring the emphasis is on health and healing the physical, psychological, social, economic, and cultural factors related to health. Her shy and humbling personality did not hinder her from a Fox 5 Morning News "Belly dancing for Health" segment with Holly Morrison. A live TV interview and cooking segment, healthy food prep on FPA channel 10, interviewed on WBLR, WTOP, and WHUR Howard Univ. Radio and featured in several magazines "High Times" performance DVD’S including a belly dance instructional DVD titled "Moor Hips" and former radio host on Harambee Radio & TV, Mayasa believes positive informative media reports can greatly impact healthy behavior globally. Mayasa contends she will always be a student, because life is all about learning and growing.

Mayasa supported me through the birth of my healthy baby boy. She was so giving, and full of information.  She offered encouraging words and awesome pointers when I felt my husband was really afraid of having a natural birth.  I'll always love and respect this woman, she never imposed her ideals and really allowed me to be better informed of my options. 

New Mom~Robin L. 

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