What is the basic reward of a yoni egg? The ancestors believed that by exercising with the Yoni Eggs regularly, that one enhanced their overall health and reversed the effects of aging. Your sexual, womb, organs, and system affect your overall health. A healthy well-exercised sexual system ensures balanced hormones and overall wellbeing.  More blood flow means more arousal, more arousal means more lubrication, more arousal, and more lubrication mean achieved orgasms.  Sexual gratification is a lifelong achievement. The overall better health of your entire sexual system will flow out into your life, your personal health, and your overall wellbeing.  You should feel comfortable knowing your yoni egg practice will strengthen the vaginal and lower pelvic floor muscles, which are commonly used in the sexual exchange with a phallus (penis). Yes, you will be able to grip, lift, and shift it. Eventually learning to manipulate two eggs against each other to create an exciting vibration while exercising! (We teach an amazingly fun, informative, practical, one-on-one and group beginner and advanced classes and workshops on the technique) 


Yoni gemstones eggs are precious healing/metaphysical stones used on altars, carried in purses, pockets and in the sacred vaginal canal for healing purposes.  Yoni egg gemstones promote increased circulation, energy, blood flow an orgasmic chi. (life force). This practice increases vaginal lubrication, assists with prolapsed uterus, menstrual cramps, prepare for birth, incontinence, menopause, abdominal muscles, relieves symptoms of incontinence due to a weak bladder offering amazing strengthening effects of theses muscles essentially toning, tighten the pelvic floor muscles and more. This practice is wonderfully divine with toning after childbirth.  As you work to move the gemstone to the cervix and back to the vaginal opening, you will regain a sense of knowledge of your vaginal function and sensual abilities.  


Many believe kegels have the same results.  Most physicians prescribe Kegels because of the results of clinical reports.  In order for the Kegel exercise to work, they have to be done properly. Conventional  Kegels, if done properly take months to succeed.  You will have no way of knowing if you’ve wasted time and energy.  Improperly done, Kegels can worsen the problem.  With yoni, eggs the results can be noticed within two weeks after the first use. It gets better and better. Yoni eggs have a proven track record.  History repeats itself, especially if the desired results are right in front of you.  Yoni Eggs are the answer you have been looking for.


The Yoni egg gemstones sizes represent different levels of skill and meet individual preference virtuosity. Most women purchase a medium. The smaller the yoni egg the more difficult to manipulate requiring muscle control a skill required for the expert. Medium gemstones are approx. 40mm by 30mm. We stock small & medium high quality egg gemstones. For hygiene concerns, we only stock non-drilled eggs. We encourage women to use their own womanly intuition naturally drawing to an egg gemstone to decide which one to purchase. "Then" look up the mental, spiritual and physical aspects of the gemstone, it is generally exactly what you need in your life. We have a way of attracting and making decisions based on our hearts true desires if we go with our first mind. Because these are stones, they may not be without natural mother earth imperfections, (yet perfect).


Many women are often fearful the egg will become lost or stuck. It can’t. If you are new to the practice you may not be able to shoot your egg across the room like a ping pong ball, on take it out on command but don't worry, it will come out, just relax, breathe, cough, laugh, squat an allow your body to naturally work.  If you feel your egg gets stuck, don't panic. Some women do experience vaginismus (the involuntary tightening of the vaginal muscles) during the use of their egg. The best things you can do are simply become relaxed, know that all is well, and even consider taking a warm bath. Take this as a sign that your body is not done working with the egg, and use it as an opportunity for self-pampering. Even if you have had, a total or partial hysterectomy the vagina is sewn closed and only a microscopic drop of semen can pass, not even visible to the naked eye. The uterus, vagina, bladder, and rectum are attached to the pelvic wall by connective tissue. This sacred exercise will aid in all your yoni health needs. 


We highly recommend before you use your egg, you read the illustrated guide provided. It will provide instructions on preparing it both energetically and physically by cleaning it before use. 

This luminous stone is highly valued in ancient culture in which Yoni eggs were the tool chosen by the Empress herself to maintain her longevity and sexual virtuosity. The secret within is yours to be discovered! 

All yoni eggs are carefully packaged and shipped promptly after payment. Local scheduled pick up available during checkout. 

Illustrated Instructions and Q&A Included With All Orders 

If you have an IUD the yoni egg can dislodge the IUD causing an unwanted pregnancy
Avoid use during (moon cycle) menstruation

If you are pregnant, postpartum or are experiencing any kind of sexual dysfunction, always consult with your midwife, doula, wise woman mentor, doctor, or other qualified healthcare practitioner before using. 

For educational purposes only. This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

 Questions please contact us, we are happy to be of service to you. 

Wait before we dive right in what's a Yoni again? Yoni, literally means "vagina" or "womb"  


Change the dynamics of your Ladies Night In-Your Relationship-New Moon Celebration-Sister Circle-Baby Shower- Birthing Way- Bridal Shower or Women's Conference by blending the sacred practice of yoni eggs.  Mayasa encompasses 17+ years of yoni egg practice, contending she will always be a student.   She teaches an amazing practical tantric exercise yoni egg session that will leave you wanting more. Groups, private sessions, and couples Photos  View Rates in Our Online Store or  Contact Us for Rates 

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